Dear Members,

Assalam O Alaikum,

I hope my letter finds you in the best of health and spirit.

I am taking this opportunity to convey my special gratitude to all the respected members for once again sharing their trust in me and my team by casting overwhelmingly in our favor. The last year difference of 555 votes, from my closest opponent was unprecedented and looked enormous however, this year with even greater margin of 1054 votes, I am at loss of words to convey my thankfulness, to Allah and then to all the esteem members. This phenomenal victory is not only proof of your unflinching trust in me but also of the point that we are on the right course. The course, you and me, envisaged together.

       Mr. Akbar Iqbal Puri
Here I may add that advantage of this consecutive win is the fact that we don't have to start from the very scratch but from the point, we left on 7th January 2023, the last day of the previous term. For the Club, 2022 was a year of RESTORATION. This year i.e. 2023 is a year of RENAISSANCE. In pursuance of our motto, we want to infuse a new spirit to the Club's life, for which we need your close support. Similar to the previous year, we have numerous plans to make the Club more comfortable and entertaining, while some eclectic and fascinating cultural events are also lined up for you. So brace yourself for wonderful times ahead.

As for the Club's affairs are concerned, we are cognizant that still a lot is needed and for that we appreciate your objective view point. I expect you all to step forward, visit the Club more often and share your observations with us. Our doors are always open to your suggestions / opinions.

In the end, I really look forward to you being part of everything that we do, to make this Club enriched. Let's take the ownership of our home, Karachi Gymkhana and work together in making it even better. Inshaa Allah



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