Mr. Jahangir Moghul Says :
My dear fellow Members,

I consider it a great honour and privilege that I have been provided an opportunity to serve as the President of the most exclusive club of Pakistan and after bowing my head to the Almighty Allah, I would like to express my whole hearted thanks and gratitude to all of you for the confidence you have reposed in me in electing me to this coveted post and providing me a Managing Committee comprising of individuals of caliber and experience to assist and guide me in taking the club to the pinnacle of success this year.

My ascendancy to presidency is due to the blessing of Almighty Allah and later with the love and affection of all the respected members whose shoulders I climbed to power this prestigious assignment.


At the very first Meeting of the Managing Committee, I informed my colleagues that we have to set huge targets and that they should help me in achieving the goal with their best possible efforts. My team of dedicated members played their part and made me proud in achieving the required targets. Hats-off to my team!

Members, I have already apprised you in my letter about the Issue of the Members’ Lodges Project. Further, I would like to apprise you that after the Audited Report was received from the Auditors M/s. Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, a Special General Body Meeting was called to consider the report. The matter was deliberated in length and the General Body decided to constitute two Committees such as : Investigation Committee and other Committee for the Completion of the Project. The Investigation will place their report within 45 days.

Dear Members, we all hold high respect in the society and pray that the stated matter gets amicably resolved in a pleasant atmosphere as the same carry the decorum and prestige of our Second Home.

Gentlemen, soon you would be invited to exercise your right of vote and in doing so, you would be electing the President and the Managing Committee. May the best candidates win. I wish all the contesting candidates best of luck.

As I have already informed you vide my letter that the development/renovation work in all areas of the club has been undertaken with keen interest. Exclusive efforts were made to maintain the up-keep of the existing facilities and accomplish the major assignments in all areas of the club.

Bridge Room-II, Reception Area, Snack Bar-I and Snack Bar-II, have been fully renovated with new look. Tile work has been undertaken in the Kitchen. Dressing Rooms of almost all areas has been renovated. Chief Accountant Office has been renovated. Secretariat Office renovation work is under process. Our children are enjoying the new swings in the playing as the areas has been removed.

Tender & Purchase Sub-Committee :

The team comprises of Mrs. Dr. Durreshahwar Pervez, the first lady Vice President of Karachi Gymkhana, who had played a major role in the working of the club affairs. She was not only my deputy in all matters but also served as Convener Tender & Purchase.

Mrs. Dr. Durreshahwar had spent time in streamlining the assignment by negotiating purchases at the lowest rates with best quality. Her efforts also include approval from the Managing Committee for the renovation of Palm Court and Lady Dressing Room (lobby) and laying of colourful Chicks Blinds in the lobby. During the renovation of the Vice President’s Office, she tried to spend/manage the allocated fund in such a manner that the renovation wood work was done outside Vice President’s Office by the in-house maintenance staff, to beautify the area. The remaining balance fund has been refunded to Karachi Gymkhana Account.

Finance Sub-Committee :

Respected Mr. A. Razzak Chhotani, the Honorary Treasurer, had played a couple of winnings as a member of previous Managing Committees and brought forward with him the rich experience he has acquired as office bearer. He was looking after the Finance Sub-Committee and with his controlling strings of the pursue, our club financially remained stabled.

Vigilance & Discipline Sub-Committee :

This year my main stress was to run the club in accordance with the Rules and I requested the members of the Managing Committee and staff of the club not to relax the rules even for the President.

Making this a family friendly club, Engr. Zafar Iqbal Rahmtullah, Convener Vigilance with his abilities ensured an absolute disciplined atmosphere by enforcing strict compliance of club Rules and Bylaws. Though it was the difficult and unpleasant task, but he had well performed. I would like to thank the members for their cooperation in the matter. In addition to Vigilance Sub-Committee, he convened the assignments such as: heading the Software and Automation Development and Employees Relation Sub-Committee.

Software and Automation Development.

MEngr. Zafar Iqbal Rahmatullah being Engineer headed the Software and Automation Development very diligently with his vast knowledge. The facility of computerized billing for catering items, Wi-Fi centerlized Internet all areas of the club are his great efforts.

Employees Relation Sub-Committee :

Due to the open door policy and easy approach between the Convener Engineer Zafar Iqbal Rahmatullah and the Employees Union resulted in reaffirming very cordial relations that are continually being maintained between the management and the employees. A two years Union Agreement on demands was successfully negotiated, in the mutual interest of both the management and the Employees Union. First time in history of the club up-grading of the unionized staff has been successfully done which had benefited the employees.

Credit goes to Engr. Zafar Iqbal Rahmatullah and DC South Mr. Muhammad Saleem Rajput and the Sub-Committee Members who diligently and smoothly handled the Union Agreement and up-grading of the employees. Well Done!

Bridge-1, Bridge-II, Bridge-III, Tennis & Cricket Sub-Committees :

Mr. Saleem Yusuf earned the man of the match number of times as a Managing Committee Member. Our club has always been proud of promoting all kinds of sports for the members. In the supervision of Mr. Saleem Yusuf, a former Pakistan Test Cricket Player and a seasoned member of the Managing Committee, sports activities were successfully organized.

       i)   The tradition tournament 30th Ramazan Cricket Festtival-2015 was held with great success.   1st Judicial Cricket Matach, DMC South Green Karachi T-20 Match, Shaheed Liaqat Ali Khan Exhibition Cricket March and Final Match of Quaid--Azam Trophy of International Wheelchair Cricket Association were held in befitting matter.

      ii) Saifuddin Babar Memorial Inter School Tennis Championship, 4th Essa Lab National Juniors & Seniors Tennis Championship, Inter School Tennis Series were hard efforts of Mr. Saleem Yusuf KG Annual Summer Bridge Team Championship and 39th KG Bridge Gold Cup Championship were held.

My appreciation for Mr. Saleem Yuusf for his hard work towards promoting the sports facilities.

Garden Sub-Committee :

Our gardens have always been aesthetic feast for the eyes which blooms with flowers around the club. Mr. Ali Rafiq Chinoy extended his efforts in maintaining the Gardens on professional lines. The front garden has been fully renovated with lush green grass and installation of beautiful fountain. I am sure the flowers will bloom all over the club as the convenership of the garden has been entrusted to my closest confident in the Managing Committee, Mr. Ali Rafiq Chinoy. He worked very hard and with his efforts and skill handling, we achieved good results and the garden/lawns has been streamlined with a presentable look. His work could be seen in the renovation of presentable Band Stage also. My appreciation and best wishes for Mr. Ali Rafiq Chinoy.

Library & Literary Sub-Committee :

Attraction of Karachi Gymkhana is our well maintained Library where minds opens to new world. It is the place of haunt of book-worms for young and old. Its walls are lined with shelves stacked with volumes on all subjects i.e. English, Urdu, Sindhi etc. A huge collection of books are available for the members. Special emphasis were laid on the improvement of Reference Section, which is an “Ocean of Knowledge for all age groups.” It is interesting to learn that the Sub-Committee took efforts and arranged Literary and educative programmes for the benefit of the members. Literary Sittings such as : Aik Sham Anwer Shaoor Ka Naam, Naeem Hyder Kay Saath Ai Sham. Intelligent Healing and Hijama Therapy, Adabi Mela etc. Karachi Gymkhana gave FPCCI Achievement Award to Prof. S. B. Hasan for his great achievements. Painting Exhibition, Dramatic Readings and Mushaira Tanzo Mazah were arranged and enjoyed by the members. I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Saqib Naseem who with his experience successfully managed the affairs of the Library & Literary Sub-Committee.

Entertainment & Cultural Sub-Committee :

The most lovable and eye-catching area of the club is Entertainment. Mr. Abid H. Africawala extended his entire efforts to facilitate members with finest and enjoyable activities. Understanding the importance of theatrics in every society, the Committee arranged Musical Evenings, Movie Shows, Valentine Ball, Dhamak Nites etc. which were greatly lauded and appreciated by the members. The older generation was not disappointed, as a ‘Qawalli programme by Amjad Sabri’ was held, with members turning out in great numbers to be enticed by this particularly enthralling brand of eastern music. Women were also kept in mind, and a Make-up Workshop was organized which they enjoyed. My appreciation for Mr. Abid H. Africawala for his efforts.

Quiz Rama Sub-Committee ;

One of the veterans in my team from whom I expect a lot is Mr. Shiraz Thaver Convener Quiaz Rama. One of the most well loved and well attended entertainment is Quiz Rama Shows. Its been years, members and their families have loved coming to the Quiz Rama Evenings, and it is almost a ritual for them, and all credit goes to Mr. Shiraz Thaver. This year other then weekly Evenings and Guest Night Shows, three Grand Quiz Rama Shows was arranged. The attendance of participants has been considerably increased due to attractions of gifts and prize bonds to the winners. In my personal capacity, Mr. Shiraz Thaver has been very helpful to me in guiding me with his expert opinions. My appreciation for Mr. Shiraz Thaver and his Sub-Committee Members.

Rules Sub-Committee :

Due to the professional competency of Mr. Shiraz Thaver, he has been entrusted the additional assignment of Rules Sub-Committee. The Managing Committee from time to time has entrusted him the task of reviewing rules and byelaws, which he did professionally and with his experience and vast knowledge came forward in resolving the issues of the club/members, which was a great help to us. The assiduous efforts of Mr. Shiraz Thaver are worthy reorganization. May Almighty Allah bless you.

Sports-I Sub- Committee (Squash, Badminton, Physical Fitness Table Tennis and Billiards

My confidence in the abilities and talent in Mr. Ather Ali Khan can be gauged from the fact that I have assigned him the convenership of Sports-I and Swimming Pool Sub-Committees and as per my expectations, he executed his assignments in a very professional manner and achieved the goal.

Being Convener Sports-I, he played an active role in the promotion of sports activities and has organized many prestigious tournaments and other events of significance during the period :

      i)  Interclub Friendly Table Tennis Matches with Karachi Club was held at Karachi Gymkhana. First Karachi Gymkhana Men’s Open League Table Tennis Tournament in which 626 record matches were played.

   ii)  Interclub friendly Badminton Matches with Southend Club, KG Annual Badminton Championship-2015 was organized and duly attended by the members.

      iii)  KG Sindh Ranking Squash Championship was held in May at Karachi Gymkhana

     iv)  KG Open Snooker Tournament and Independence Day Snooker Tournament were taken by the members.

      v)  Annual Athletic Meet-2015 was attended by a large crowd.

He had focused his attention towards the Children Park wherein complete renovation and installation of new playing equipments were undertaken under his supervision. Today, we all can see our children happily enjoying the facilities. Credit goes to Mr. Ather Ali Khan.

He was also keen in up-keeping his concern departments: Installations of Air-conditioners, New Elliptical Machines and Massagers for Physical Fitness Rooms, Equipments in Weight Control Room, Electrical Coolers etc., and renovation in the concerned areas etc.

Swimming Pool Sub-Committee :

Mr. Ather Ali Khan is a wizard who has excelled in all departments and this year he had utilized the services of Swimming Pool also. With his dedicated efforts following events were organized and a big crowd of members participated in the events.

KG Swimming Gala & 11th Talent Hunt, KC-KG Swimming Competition at Karachi Club Annexe, KG Team won the competition. Swimming Summer Camp has been arranged. On 50th Anniversary of the Swimming Pool, Golden Jubilee Annual Swimming Championship, 54th Sind Open and Boys Age Group Swimming Championship were successfully held. Efforts shall never end and it continue towards success with a believe in faith and hard work.

I convey my thanks to Mr. Ather Ali Khan for the great job.

Catering Sub-Committee :

A very popular and important activity of the club is catering. It can safely be said that it is the most used facility. I am a strong believer that the club to function successfully and the targets to be achieved, therefore, it was necessary that the taste buds of the members are to be catered in the delicious manner. Commendation is due to Mr. Ahsan Rasheed Abbasi for taking keen interest in helping me to improve and manage the cuisine although we faced heavy crunch of price escalation and increase in overhead expenditures. Addition of new delicious dishes with quality in the menu and improvement in the service are the hall marks. He deserves my congratulations and a word of praise.

Building & Technical Sub-Committee :

Mr. Syed Nadeem Ali Kazmi has been entrusted the arduous task of Building & Technical Sub-Committee. The assignment was very well accomplished through his vast experience. Major renovation/maintenance in all areas of the club have been undertaken in his supervision. Well done Mr. Kazmi for all your efforts and hard work. You have proved your worth to Karachi Gymkhana and I offer my thanks to you for the commendable services rendered to this club.

I pay my appreciation for Mr. Syed Nadeem Ali Kazmi for his endless efforts in shouldering such responsibilities with firmness efficiency and courtesy.

My thanks towards all the Honorary Secretaries Games, the Members of various Sub-Committees, and to the Balloting Committee Members, for their contribution in running the affairs of the club with great enthusiasm and in the best possible manner.

I would also like to place on record my appreciation for the support and guidance given to me and the Members of the Managing Committee by the Ex-officio Members of the Managing Committee Brig. Farrukh Waseem Khan, Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui and Mr. Muhammad Saleem Rajput.

I would like to ask the Secretary to read out the names of the following members who left us for their heavenly abode during the period under review, and request my fellow members to offer Fateha for the departed souls and observe a minute silence in their memory. May their souls rest in peace :

                             1.       Mr.  S. Amjad Ali
                             2.       Mr.  M. Bashir Khan Afghani
                             3.       Mr.  R. P. Wania
                             4.       Mr.  Ellias Zakaria
                             5.       Mr.  Zafar Mannan
                             6.       Mr.  Rahamath Hayath
                             7.       Mr.  Mohammad Irfan Dossa
                             8.       Mr.  Mahmood Ahmad
                             9.       Mrs. Homai B. Dubash
                             10.     Mr.  Omer Mohammed Al-Hammadi
                             11.     Mr.  Umer Tarik Ishak
                             12.     Mr.  Anis Ahmed Hussain
                             13.     Mr.  Adil K. Jaffer
                             14.     Mrs. Maimuna Amanullah
                             15.     Mr.  Raja Abdul Rahman
                             16.     Mr.  Amer Raza Veerji
                             17.     Mr.  Jawed Ahmad
                             18.     Mr.  Farooq A. Sakarwalla
                             19.     Mr.  Vikar Ahmed Alavi
                             20.     Mr.  Ziauddin T. Kisat
                             21.     Mr.  Munawar Ali Khan
                             22.     Mr.  Rajab Lakhdir
                             23.     Mr.  Salim Issa
                             24.     Mr.  Masood ul Haq Siddiqui
                             25.     Mr.  Sardar Mohammad Farooq
With my concluding note, I would like to thank all the members for their support and confidence reposed in me and my colleagues on the Managing Committee.

Thank you and wish you many many happy and enjoyable days in the pleasant surroundings of Karachi Gymkhana. May Almighty Allah bless us all.
Long Live Karachi Gymkhana.

Dated : 20th December 2015.
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