Mr. Fawad Salim Malik Says :
Dear Members :

  I bow my head in gratitude to Almighty Allah and sincerely thank you all for giving me an opportunity to serve as President of this August Club. Your confidence in electing me and my team with an overwhelming and landslide victory has put greater responsibility on our shoulders and Insha’Allah we will try our best to come-up to your expectations.  
As your President, I assure to all members to periodically keep them abreast of the developments and happenings with regards to the management of the club. The state of affairs at the club are in front of you and it would only suffice at this stage to say that we have an upheaval task ahead of us; may it be quality of food, hygiene, discipline or general up-keep of the premises. I am sure with the cooperation, guidance and suggestions from all members, we will achieve our desired goals.

I feel it my duty to apprise the members that presently the club is in deficit to the tune of approximate Rs.4 million per month, with only a meager reserve fund of Rs.90 million. It is sad that the financial health of a club of this size is so poor. Over staffing, mismanagement and pilferages being some of the reasons. We have already initiated some measures and hope to see some positive results emanating shortly.


Members’ Lodges is yet another project of concern and priority. The two Committees formed by the General Body are doing their work at Godspeed. It would be the earnest desire of my Committee to see how soon and at the lowest cost these lodges are completed in the light of the recommendations of these Committees and the General Body.

In conclusion, I assure all members that this year you will see a vibrant committee working with complete dedication, transparency and independence as we feel we are answerable to all the members. Please strengthen our hands and come forward to give us your positive suggestions, advice and guidance so that collectively we can make our second home better. My colleagues on the Managing Committee and I would be available almost daily in the club. Our doors are open. Walk in at any time or drop us a line with your valued guidance.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. Best Regards.

Yours truly

Dated: 30TH December 2015.
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