Respected Members,

Assalam Alaikum

Praise be to Allah Almighty for once again blessing me in the recently concluded club elections. My most profound gratitude to all the worthy members for yet again reposing their trust in me despite the frivolous propaganda unleashed against my person.

Let me categorically assure every member of our august club that I will never betray your trust and would continue the good work from where I had left when I relinquished my duty as the President of our club on 14th January 2018.

I am fortunate that a very good Managing Committee has also been elected. Unlike the previous year, the first step of allocation of portfolios to the committee members was successfully undertaken without any hassle to the entire satisfaction of all my committee colleagues. We are now set to start working as a good and united team for the betterment of the club.


I believe in positivity and the bright future. Even during the elections, not a single negative message was sent by me or my friends against anyone. Let us not start the year with bickering and what happened in the last year. I am fully aware of the ground realities and the slide down in various departments of the club during the last year particularly in catering. We have already initiated some corrective measures and Insha’Allah more are to come. In due course of time, you will once again start feeling the change.

We have a vision and we will share our vision with all the members in my next letter once the committee has deliberated on these and set our priorities. For now, may I make a humble submission? Please keep guiding us. Your suggestions and guidance gives us the light to move in the right direction. We are all humans and tend to err, so please let us know where we make mistakes. That will help us to identify those areas for better performance and improvement.

I take this opportunity to wish every member a very blissful and happy year.

Thank you and may God Bless you all.



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